Webinar About FDA Draft Guidance on Collecting Patient Insights

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Clinical SCORE Optimizes Your Decision Making with Breakthrough Analytics in Drug Development.

  • Clinical SCORE recognizes the need for deeper insights throughout all aspects of pharmaceutical development and commercialization.
    Our Managing Director, Ross Weaver, pulled together a team of experts in market research and data analysis to uncover the answers you need to move forward with confidence.
  • KOLs…MSLs…Thought Leaders…until now, you couldn’t talk to them until it was too late. Clinical SCORE can reveal the answers to questions about the effectiveness of your Medical Affairs program, which can provide feedback early enough in the process to make a positive impact. Our unique ‘MSL-Independent’ research approach can provide the primary needs of your opinion leaders, how well your MSLs are meeting those needs, and identify specific areas for Medical Affairs teams to improve.
  • Clinical SCORE’s proprietary blinding process makes it possible to obtain patient insights that can improve clinical trial enrollment and unlock your product’s full potential. Clinical SCORE brings all of this together to deliver breakthrough analytics for drug development.
    We combine compliant research processes and our normative database to enable your team’s efficient collaboration. By comparing your data to a baseline for your geographic and therapeutic area, Clinical SCORE can highlight opportunities to improve your clinical trial processes.
  • At Clinical SCORE, we help you to hear the voices of the patients enrolled in your trials. You know — the ones you always suspected had the answers. You were right, but until now, you didn’t have a way to distinguish them. With a solid grounding in market research, a deep understanding of the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and a proprietary process that ensures regulatory compliance, Clinical SCORE provides the clarity you need to differentiate your brand, while delivering breakthrough analytics with confidence.

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