Friends, colleagues,

It is with both sadness and optimism that we announce the closing of Clinical SCORE, LLC. 

Clinical SCORE helped forge the way in bringing patient centricity to clinical trials and the early patient voice to commercial development.  The company grew out of Ross Weaver’s vision for increasing pharma’s incorporation of the voice of clinical trial participants. Over the last decade, we have performed hundreds of insight projects for Clinical Development, Marketing, and Medical Affairs, at big and small biopharma companies. And we know the industry is better for the insights we generated.

 Although this is a heavy-hearted moment, the team at Clinical SCORE is optimistic that we will each carry on Ross’s work and patient-centric vision into the future.  Please message your Clinical SCORE contacts on LinkedIn to stay in touch.

 Thank you for your dedication, interest, and commitment to our work over these last years.  You have made that work very rewarding!”