Partnerships: Optimized.

Get Site Feedback Before It Is Too

Trial sponsors typically look at lagging indicators. This approach doesn’t tell you what needs to be fixed immediately. ATTUNE™ introduces metrics based on real-time site feedback from your actual trials – as they are underway. Front-line site staff sees what works and what does not. They can also give you details clarifying why some trials get done on time and why some never get done.

Site-specific feedback is extremely valuable for practical problem-solving today as well as strategic decision-making for the longer term. ATTUNE™ collates site feedback across trials, geographies, therapeutic areas, programs, and partners. This analysis reveals competitive strengths and weaknesses of all types of partnerships: including CROs, study suppliers, hardware, software, and recruiters. The end results are actionable, which lead to accelerated clinical trials.

Breakthrough analytics for partnerships and collaboration: Introducing ATTUNE™ from Clinical SCORE.

See below for an example of the value of incorporating ATTUNE™ into your clinical operations.

Application #1:

A Respiratory Therapy Lead is looking for reasons that trials are getting delayed in Asia Pacific. He has communicated several times with all CROs, seeking to learn where the issues are. Unfortunately, he is not getting clear communication from his partners.

Using ATTUNE™, he is able to real-time assess his portfolio of trials, comparing and contrasting the performance of each CRO.

ATTUNE™ has identified within Respiratory Area Studies, CRO 2 has issues with:

  • CRA/Monitor Personnel
  • Patient Reimbursement

Application #2:

This Respiratory Therapy Lead wanted a more in-depth understanding of issues affecting CRA/Monitor Personnel.

Drilling down further, he identified three specific issues associated with CRO 2s studies:

  • CRAs and Monitors lack adequate knowledge of the protocol and protocol amendments
  • Excessive CRA turnover
  • Staff are unsure who to contact for which issues

These results are highly actionable.

Here is what a Sponsor implemented to address lack of CRA/Monitor knowledge of the protocol/protocol amendments:

  • Determine specific gaps in CRA/Monitor knowledge of protocol/protocol amendments
  • Review and revise training materials and media
  • Establish metrics for ensuring CRA/Monitors are knowledgeable about the protocol and amendments. Re-assess in 6 months.

Get Your Trial Sites In Sync With ATTUNE™

Identifying training, reimbursement, IT and other issues delivers the information you need to:

  • Improve the quality of interactions with your CROs
  • Take action to develop programs to resolve the issues
  • Track improvement over time

Contact Clinical SCORE today to learn more about how ATTUNE™ enhances your strategic CRO partnerships and ultimately accelerates your trials.