Research for More Efficient,
Patient-centric Studies

When you listen to your clinical trial sites, your clinical development program immediately benefits. And when you listen to study participants, your future trials and future patients benefit.

Common Clinical Perspectives

Clinical Operations teams focus on getting specific trials done.
Leadership wants quality data but also time and cost-efficiencies across trials
Competing goals can lead to slow study start-up, inadequate site training, poor patient-recruitment support or strained vendor relationships.

How Clinical SCORE Helps

 Clinical Ops: Improve Current Trial Delivery

  • Identify site-related factors hindering your trial
  • Articulate factors decreasing interest in the trial and issues with recruitment and retention
  • Solicit and prioritize solutions to trial obstacles

Medical: Refine Future Trials

  • Create compelling reasons for patients to enroll in your studies
  • Align with Medical Affairs and Commercial on the patient journey
  • Improve patient-reported outcome measures

Development Programs Face Other Challenges

Sluggish enrollment due to exclusion criteria.

Competing priorities at trial sites

Reality of remote visits and remote monitoring.


Clinical SCORE's

Unique Hybrid Expertise

A strategic consulting company, Clinical SCORE understands CROs, patients’ needs, and clinical site dynamics like no one else. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to help clients uncover the answers that enable them to improve trials and increase patient centricity.

Clinical SCORE’s Service Offerings

Sponsor of Choice™ Benchmarks your Clinical operations from the eyes of your sites
ATTUNE™ identifies problems at sites months before you typically would learn about them

Advisory boards with target patient types and sites before or between trials

Ensures you capture honest, transparent feedback

Identify issues and opportunities, and create the data to exploit them—all at a significantly lower cost than conducting additional clinical trials.  Clinical SCORE’s compliant, proprietary research process adds depth of understanding to help you improve your current, or next clinical trial.

Insights, News, and Knowledge

Read the case study to learn how you can optimize your next clinical trial

Strategic Direction on Endpoints: Optimize the next clinical trial

The challenge: A Clinical team encountered a number of challenges during their Phase 2 trials and needed to correct them for their pivotal Phase 3 trial.

Case Study

Clinical SCORE has decades of experience designing and conducting qualitative and quantitative healthcare research across all therapeutic areas and at locations around the globe. Our team has extensive experience in research & development, marketing, patient advocacy and market research at Top 10 pharma companies; Good Clinical Practice training; and good working relationships with Institutional Review Boards and Ethics Committees worldwide. We can also guide you in securing project buy-in from Compliance, Pharmacovigilance and other departments.

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