Learn From Actual Patients,
Before Launch

Clinical Trial Market Research: A Better Way to Launch

  • Gain a more meaningful understanding of the patient journey
  • Write disease state education and branded copy that resonates with your customers
  • Improve design of patient support programs with true, early brand insight
  • Sharpen your creative launch campaign for optimal differentiation
  • Correct forecast assumptions and value proposition

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

What if patients need adherence support but you don’t find out until you see sales reports?
What if prescribers could maximize patient selection?
What if your target product profile doesn’t match real-world experience?

Eliminate the “what ifs” using a compliant, proprietary research process that uncovers insight into healthcare professionals’ and patients’ choice and use of your new product – before you launch.

Clinical SCORE Solutions Drive Commercial Success

Interview patients, their caregivers, and the clinical site staff involved in Phase 2, 3 and extension trials

Conduct advisory boards with target patient types before or between clinical trials

Recruit patients and HCPs and then measure their brand perceptions during soft launch and early-experience trials

Partner with HEOR to Publish Results

Clinical SCORE has significant experience publishing the results of our well designed patient experience surveys. This can be extremely valuable when you need patient preference and other self-reported data that was not included in phase 3 protocols

Insights, News, and Knowledge

Read the case study to learn how you can educate medical professionals


The challenge: Help the client understand rare-disease patients’ needs regarding its investigational medication and how best to make the medical community aware of those needs.

Case Study

We have decades of experience designing, conducting, analyzing and reporting qualitative and quantitative healthcare research. Clinical SCORE can guide you in securing project buy-in from Compliance, Clinical, Pharmacovigilance and other departments, and we collaborate successfully across all therapeutic areas and at locations around the globe.

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