Clinical Trial Market Research:
A better way to launch

When you listen to your earliest patients and their healthcare providers, you and your future patients both benefit. Capturing clinical trial participant experiences enables you to:

  • Gain a more robust understanding of the patient journey
  • Optimize launch strategy and avoid post-launch course corrections
  • Hone your launch creative campaign
  • Write disease state education and branded copy that connects your customers’ needs with the way patients actually experience your product
  • Craft patient support programs tailored to your product’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Find brand ambassadors well before launch

Clinical SCORE solutions drive Commercial success

Marketers typically don’t interview brand users until after the product has reached the marketplace. If you’re waiting that long before learning what patients and healthcare providers think and feel about your new brand, you risk launching along the wrong road. What if your assumed target product profile doesn’t match real-world experience?

Clinical SCORE is expert at helping you navigate the transition from clinical trials to commercial success.

At Clinical SCORE, we:

  • Interview patients, their caregivers and the clinical site staff involved in your Phase 2 and 3 trials
  • Conduct advisory boards with target patient types before or between clinical trials
  • Recruit patients and HCPs and then measure their perceptions of your brand during soft launch and early-experience trials

Clinical SCORE’s compliant, proprietary research process uncovers critical insights into healthcare professionals’ and patients’ choice and use of your new product. You can hear their voices and feel their emotions, and you learn what should matter most to you: their experience with your brand and how it impacts their lives. Rounding-out your company’s clinical data with holistic, humanistic experiences helps you learn how to best treat and relate to your future customers. Having gained full knowledge, your brand team can move forward with confidence.

At Clinical SCORE, we have decades of experience designing, conducting, analyzing and reporting qualitative and quantitative healthcare research. We capture the voices of patients in clinical trials without disrupting those trials. Clinical SCORE can guide you in securing project buy-in from Compliance, Clinical, Pharmacovigilance and other departments. And we have done it across all therapeutic areas and at locations around the globe.

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