Deeper Understanding Delivers Greater Value

“Know your patient. Deliver real value.” That was the message industry leaders heard at the recent 2018 eyeforpharma Philadelphia conference. Presenter after presenter provided evidence supporting the premise that the deeper we understand our patients, the better we can make a meaningful emotional connection with them. Only by listening first can we then have the meaningful dialogs that leave consumers feeling “I am getting something of value from this pharmaceutical company.”

Putting premise into practice

Pharma companies get the idea. Many are trying to develop strategies for patient-centricity. For example, TEVA just launched its new “Life Effects” web portal with resources for people living with one or more chronic conditions. As part of its development process, TEVA spoke to more than 13,500 patients around the world.

Iris Beck-Codner, Teva’s executive vice president for global brand and corporate communications, said, “Life Effects is an ongoing connection with patients rather than a one-off campaign.” The company is working with patient groups and contributors “to tap the knowledge and experience of patients themselves to bridge the information gap.”

Teva developed the website in order to provide patients with a central resource they could turn to for information on how their condition affects the non-medical aspects of their lives. Like other companies that have taken steps in the same direction, Teva aims to help patients take greater control over their health by providing them with useful and relevant tools, support, data and information.

Early engagement is key

Engaging and empowering patients in ways that deliver added value requires insight into their journey. What better way to gain insight into the lives of your brand’s patients than to talk with them directly? Ideally, even before launch. It is entirely possible to conduct research of this type; however, doing so compliantly requires an understanding of both the research process and applicable regulatory requirements. Working with a research provider who is experienced with the myriad compliance issues related to conducting clinical trial market research can help you avoid missteps and false starts.

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