How to move forward with confidence

Listening to patients during early stages of drug development can support a product’s success by providing the critical information that sponsors need to fine-tune messaging, tone, patient support programs and more. We can all appreciate that product launches require tremendous resources, and that if sponsors aren’t listening to the voice of the patient, they risk wasting those resources, ultimately missing opportunities for success.

Here are some examples of the results sponsors have achieved by listening to patients:

  • A blinded global study to identify barriers to patient adherence conducted following a Phase 3 trial found that the patient experience was dramatically different than what the statistical findings supported. The brand team repositioned the product based on patient experience and drove patient adherence.
  • Randomized, double-blinded studies clarified the timing of a benefit for a product’s initial indication and a follow-on indication, which the sponsor was then able to incorporate into the study design for the follow-on benefit.
  • A study during a Phase 2 trial focused on clarifying the experience of patients who took a new formulation of a product already on the market. The sponsor received the information necessary to make a Go/No-Go decision regarding Phase 3.

In each of these examples, the sponsor was able to make a better-informed decision as a result of having translated data from statistics to human beings, thereby gaining a better understanding of how the new product impacts the lives of patients and their families.

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