Internal assessments in Medical Affairs

Today’s Medical Affairs teams play a key role in any pharmaceutical organization, yet many are challenged to demonstrate their value. Internal assessments can help make a difference, but only if they are sufficiently broad and deep.

One aspect of the internal assessment that Medical Affairs managers may tend to overlook is the need to understand how managers of other functions throughout the organization view MA teams, their successes and their failures. Too often, MA managers don’t take the time to understand their counterparts’ attitudes toward MA teams — or to obtain much detail as to what drives those thoughts.

Assessing internal managers’ views of MA teams is as important as assessing the performance of individuals medical science liaisons themselves. After all, MSLs are the only members of an organization who are having objective discussions with key opinion leaders regarding current medical trends. By interviewing all managers who may receive information from MSLs, MA managers may obtain the additional support necessary to justify programs and budgets.

A thorough assessment should include interviews with the following internal stakeholders:

  • C-level executives
  • Product managers/Marketing managers/R&D managers
  • Clinical Research managers
  • Quality managers/Patient Insight managers
  • Business development

Human nature being what it is, it is virtually impossible to conduct these assessments internally. An independent third-party research can obtain more candid feedback and can provide perspective by comparing results against an industry baseline.

Internal assessments of MA teams and MSLs could be conducted at most once a year, as the information is not likely to change rapidly. They may be particularly useful at strategic points in the life cycle of the company’s drug or when a competitor’s product changes the market.

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