Measuring MA value: Internal KPIs

When it comes to key opinion leaders’ views on science and medicine, Medical Affairs is the eyes and ears of any pharmaceutical organization. Therefore, it is important to develop internal key performance indicators to assess effectiveness in this role. It is necessary to gauge whether their medical science liaisons are effective conduits between the organization and KOLs and whether the Medical Affairs team is successfully incorporating KOL perspectives into the organization.

It’s important to understand how well MA is monitoring the therapeutic landscape and whether teams are gathering information that is useful in strategic decision making and communicating it effectively. For example, what is the quality of information MA provides on KOL views of the overall clinical science approach to the specific therapeutic area of interest?

When assessing MSLs, it’s important to gauge their knowledge of the therapeutic area, their view of the organization’s philosophy and level of understanding of the organization’s goals, as well as how well they work with internal teams.

These issues impact departments throughout the organization. A thorough assessment should obtain feedback from the following stakeholders:

  • C-level executives
  • Product managers/Marketing managers/R&D managers
  • Clinical Research managers
  • Quality managers/Patient Insight managers
  • Business development

Simply asking these questions internally isn’t sufficient. An independent third-party research can obtain more candid feedback and can provide perspective by comparing results against an industry baseline. And they are only one of several KPIs that should be measured to get the big picture. If you’d like to know more, click here or call Gary Kaplan at 610-324-2798.

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