Compliant and Detailed KOL Feedback: Track Medical Affairs Impact

As Medical Affairs plays an increasingly important role in executing your company’s therapeutic area strategy, it’s more important than ever to demonstrate value and scientific significance to your Key Opinion Leaders.

If you’re like other companies, you’d benefit from knowing how to:

  • Identify and address gaps in your KOLs' scientific understanding, including where your science is not influencing clinical decision-making
  • Train your Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) to increase the value they provide to your KOLs
  • Enhance the relationships between MSLs and their KOLs
  • Measure the impact of your Medical Affairs programs over time

Read how we've been able to gather and apply this knowledge for a client in our case study.

Clinical SCORE solutions drive Medical Affairs success

As recently as 10 years ago, Medical Affairs was seen as a support function. Today, Medical Affairs serves as “central command.” Uniquely positioned at the critical intersection of Clinical and Commercial, Medical Affairs supports execution of the therapeutic area strategy and serves the needs of both key opinion leaders and patients.

Clinical SCORE delivers the insights medical science liaisons need to deliver real value and demonstrate their impact. At Clinical SCORE, we:

Clinical SCORE’s compliant, proprietary research process uncovers critical insights into what your KOLs really value from MSLs—a virtual key to opening their door. We interview KOLs about their beliefs in your therapeutic area and their understanding of your clinical science to identify knowledge gaps. Ultimately, we track changes in their knowledge and behavior, empowering Medical Affairs leadership to demonstrate to senior management the value and impact of your initiatives.


At Clinical SCORE, we have decades of experience designing, conducting, analyzing and reporting qualitative and quantitative healthcare research. Our double-blinded processes are carefully designed to uncover frank, unbiased results that in-house research can’t deliver. And we have done it across all therapeutic areas and around the globe.

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Case Study

Driving Medical Affairs Value:  Assessing MSL-KOL relationships and scientific communications

The challenge: Following a recent launch, the client was scaling up its MSL team and members’ experience varied widely.

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