A client was preparing to launch a new medication, Brand A, for a symptomatic condition. It was a crowded marketplace and the client felt that an optimized patient support service program could differentiate their product given few efficacy differences across the category.

The challenge: Before launch, help the client design a comprehensive patient support program based on adherence risk points identified during the treatment journey

Clinical SCORE Approach:

Clinical SCORE designed a two-phase research project intended to:

  1. Measure psychographic dimensions of adherence and associated patient segments
  2. Determine risk points for non-adherence during the treatment journey and association of psychographic segments

Clinical SCORE is uniquely able to map adherence risk factors in patients taking your developmental medicines, BEFORE launch.

  • In the first, quantitative phase of research, Clinical SCORE administered validated patient-reported outcome questionnaires (PROs) and adherence questions to patients as they completed a clinical trial. A cluster analysis was performed to identify psychographically-relevant segments of patients based on adherence attitudes and behaviors.
  • In the second, qualitative phase of research, clinical trial patients revealed their successes and struggles with the developmental treatment during interviews. Clinical SCORE used key probes to validate patients’ inclusion into the psychographic segments from phase 1. Patients reacted to proposed support program ideas.


  • The research found that patients fell into four distinct segments, each with different adherence risks.
  • Analysis of the quantitative data also gave rise to clear behavioral hypotheses which the qualitative interviews fully validated.


  • The client built a patient support program, based on the psychographic segments and the insights Clinical SCORE gleaned from patients’ hands-on experience with the brand during the clinical trial.
  • The program components were tailored to known adherence risks that only became evident when the therapy was considered in relation to the newly discovered psychographic profiles.
Table 4
Clinical SCORE helps you convert unknowns to “knowns”, BEFORE launch.