The Clinical SCORE Story

Helping clients enhance the value of clinical trials since 2004

In 2004, Ross Weaver saw a need in the pharmaceutical industry and founded a company to fill it. After eight years as senior scientist at the American Medical Association and seven as director of new products planning & licensing on the manufacturer’s side, he shifted his focus to enhancing the value of clinical trials to future patients and researchers.

As industry insiders know, each day of clinical trial delays means millions of dollars lost. In the meantime, patients and their families suffer unnecessarily while they wait and hope for new therapies to become available. Clinical SCORE’s original products delivered the insight sponsors need to accelerate clinical trial delivery.

Increasing the value of Commercial, Clinical and Medical Affairs activities

Over the last 15 years, Weaver and his team have continued to anticipate industry needs and offer exclusive market research products and services to fill them.

Today, Clinical SCORE offers unique expertise in:

  • Gaining compliant access to clinical trial participants and recruiting patients from large medical practices
  • Eliciting insights from clinical trial staff and patients
  • Turning clinical trial insights into action
  • Working with Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)
  • Helping clients compliantly manage internal legal, compliance and safety requirements

With this unique blend of pharmaceutical industry and market research experience, Clinical SCORE is able to deliver earlier Commercial insights, show how Medical Affairs teams can demonstrate their value, and help Clinical teams increase the success of their development programs.