Partner of Choice™

Assessing Your Science Liaisons

Be the Partner of ChoiceTM

Partner of Choice™ guides your Medical Affairs team to be the partner of choice among your targeted KOLs/HCPs

This innovative approach outlines:

  • Which activities are relevant to KOLs/HCPs, and which are not
  • Determines size of ‘needs segments’ within your pool of KOLs/HCP’s
  • Where you are outperforming competing companies and why
  • Where you are falling short of competing companies, and provides a very granular level of detailed guidance

Provides a benchmark to assess progress year-by-year

Determine Which Categories Most Differentiate Science Liaison Teams

Determine the size of ‘needs segments’ for your KOLs/HCPs


For the following categories, please indicate the level of relevance each has in your dealings with Science Liaisons. Is __________ very relevant, somewhat relevant, not particularly relevant or not relevant to you?

Comparative performance of [CLIENT’s] Science Liaisons compared to peer group on each characteristic, and relative satisfaction with performances of sponsors:


Next slide drills down on “overall support of KOL/HCP involvement in medical information provided”

Issues related to the category “the medical information provided by the Science Liaisons which require addressing”

“He is fundamentally a glorified salesperson. I know more about the medical information than he does.” National

We Can Assess a Company’s Strategic Approach Across Therapeutic Areas:


  • 25 minute internet survey among KOLs/HCPs
  • Blinded to the Sponsor of the survey
  • Determines relevance for each of the 11 categories
  • For each of 11 categories, KOLs/HCPs rate the level of performance as compared to expectations of two companies (Client plus one other)
  • When level of performance is below expectations, KOLs/HCPs will identify which of five or more issues cause the low performance.

Process is individualized to your needs. Client company:

  • Identifies target competing companies
  • Identifies KOLs/HCPs of interest to them

Next Steps:

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Gary is a multifaceted professional, skilled research management executive with 30+ years of experience as a statistician for market research, developing cutting-edge approaches to business challenges and market sizing models. His core competencies are experimental design and the conversion of corporate business problems to useable designs. He has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Urban Studies with a major in research modeling, both from Tulane University and a Masters Degree in Applied Statistics from Temple University. Previously Gary was the Chief Operating Officer for Leger Marketing/TRIG (a Canadian leader in public opinion polling and market research), Executive Vice President at TNS and Research Account Executive at Chilton Research Services.