Are you a patient thinking about or participating in a clinical trial?

Pharmaceutical companies are always trying to find more effective medicines to help people who suffer from illness. Part of their research involves clinical trials to test new treatments. Enrolling in a clinical trial gives you a chance to be heard and to potentially receive medical help. In addition to the benefits you could receive from the clinical trial, you can also help others who suffer from the same condition. By sharing your insights into your condition and your experiences in the clinical trial, you contribute to better trials and better medications.

Clinical SCORE exists to help you be heard.


Disease journeys pose many

“I am always willing to give more of my personal story if it will help others with this disease.”
Clinical trial patient

Clinical SCORE is a research organization that helps pharmaceutical companies design better clinical trials, and hopefully better medicines.

If you volunteer for a Clinical SCORE project, you will be asked a series of questions about your medical condition and treatment experience in clinical trials. Sometimes you will answer those questions through online surveys and sometimes in phone interviews with a professional interviewer. The companies that sponsor the research projects never learn your name or identity.

If you need to contact Clinical SCORE staff about an existing project in which you are a participant, please email us at

If you are interested in signing up for future research studies, please click here and fill out our consent form.