Research uncovers new indications for study drug

We understand that patients are more than just a cluster of symptoms. Taking that understanding to heart can result in tremendous rewards. Doing so requires listening closely to the voice of the patient.

By listening to patients and caregivers at strategic points in the drug development process, sponsors stand to gain valuable insights. Our proprietary research process has identified new claims and new indications that weren’t even on the sponsor’s radar.

In other cases, our research has uncovered information that has helped sponsors fine-tune future studies with regard to onset of action, selecting patient-reported outcomes and assessing health economics and outcomes research. What’s more, this type of research results in publishable data to support Medical Affairs efforts.

The voices of patients with hands-on experience can deliver a goldmine of information with practical applications. Research results can help sponsors:

  • Clarify issues and manage challenges regarding its risk evaluation and management strategy
  • Motivate the internal team, communicating with senior management and the broad brand team
  • Define differentiating benefits
  • Assess potential competitors
  • Identify potential patient surrogates

Most important, listening to the voice of the patient during clinical trials offers multiple opportunities to improve patient experiences with the new drug. For more information on the value of clinical trial market research, look here or call Ross Weaver (484) 202-6630.