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Given the costs of doing research and development, today’s biopharmaceutical industry seeks more efficient, patient-informed clinical trials. And we find that patients are increasingly willing help others who suffer from the same condition by providing input on their trial experiences. This is where Clinical SCORE enters the picture.

What percentage of engagements with patients, prescribes, and KOLs do you expect to be virtual in Q2 and Q3 of 2021?

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“I am always willing to give more of my personal story if it will help others with this disease.”
Clinical trial patient

Clinical SCORE is a market research organization that helps pharmaceutical companies design better clinical trials and hopefully better medicines.

Working through clinical site teams, Clinical SCORE surveys and interviews patients and clinical site staff about their experience with particular trials. All research projects maintain the anonymity of those being interviewed or surveyed and the “blind” of the clinical trial.

If you and your site work with Clinical SCORE, you may be asked to do and be compensated for the following:

  • Recruit clinical study patients for feedback opportunities offered by Clinical SCORE. The process is HIPAA compliant and Clinical SCORE handles the details.
  • Refer patients to Clinical SCORE to answer any questions. Clinical SCORE handles consenting and associated project questions.
  • Take a survey or be interviewed.  Refer a colleague

If you need to contact Clinical SCORE staff about an existing project in which you are participating, please email us at

If you are interested in having your site sign up to collaborate on future studies, please click here